CodEng's Curriculum

What do we teach? Here's a few examples:

At CodEng, we pride ourselves in offering a wide range of digital skills to our aspiring coders. Students who attend our courses can expect to be exposed a range of different technologies. Everything from beginner coding lessons in Scratch, to programming of robots, to web development using HTML, CSS and Javascript. The following are some of the tools that we use in class.

  • Python and Pygame

    ScratchImage A great way to incentivize young people to write code is to get them to create their own video games. In our Python course, our coders work with Pygame (and Pygame Zero for juniors) and learn to build a variety of games from Space Invaders, to Pong, Flappy Bird, Snake and much more. During the process, coders learn how to work with classes, game loops, game states, animation, adding sound and images. Once they have mastered the basics, they are they free to customize their games to use their own images and sound and add different game states. The results are impressive! Click here to access

  • Scratch

    ScratchImage Scratch is a great starting point for those who want to learn the basics of programming. The nice thing about Scratch is that the young coder can immediately see the results of their work. You can create video games, animations, stories, using your own creativity and then share the work with the much activity community of other "Scratchers". Creating an account on the site is free. You can work online and offline by downloading the software on your desktop, or now with the new version 3.0, you can also download the app on your iPad and tablet. Click here to download Scratch


    CodeOrgImage provides a huge range of puzzles and games for those who want to start experimenting with programming. The puzzles using characters very well known by today's Johns like Steve and Alex from Minecraft and many Disney characters. For those starting from scratch, the ideal platform is, where with games and videos you can learn to overcome challenges and solve problems: just read the instructions, carefully observe the pitfalls and think about the best solution to bring your character at the end of the labyrinths that will be shown to you from time to time. As a platform, it's free to sign up. Click here to access

  • Crumblebot

    CrumblebotImage CrumbleBot is a great way to introduce coding to kids of all ages. It provides a ready-made platform to easily and safely experience analog and digital inputs and outputs. It moves, lights up and reacts to its environment, but only if your code says so. CrumbleBot is a robot that can be easily programmed using a graphical programming language similar to Scratch. It's a great introduction to robots as it uses Crumble as a controller, it becomes the core of an integrated chassis of the entire robot itself. This makes it easy to build without too much experience in Coding or Robotics. Click here to download CrumbleBot Software

  • Web Development

    Notepad++Image Creating your own website is a goal of many of our students. From a very young age, kids can create a simple web page with text, images, links to YouTube and other sites, using the colors, fonts and designs they want. As a first step, students learn to use HTML and CSS and then learn to write lines of code in Javascript to make the website interactive. Notepad ++ is a text editor that we use in the classroom. It is extremely versatile, usable (among other things) for website development. Free, sophisticated and professional, it is widely used by many developers. Our Mac users typically opt for Visual Studio Code or Sublime. Click here to download Notepad++

  • Sphero

    SpheroImage Sphero 2.0 is a programmable robot ball made of polycarbonate that can reach 7 kilometers per hour. You can control it remotely with smartphones and tablets because it connects to Bluetooth devices, is compatible with iOS, Android and Kindle, thanks to the LEDs inside it can take on a huge amount of colors and can be customized with a series of accessories. With this kit your robot ball becomes a tool to learn while having fun. Learn what? Using logic, how things around you work, learning math, science, programming languages. As if it were all a game. And in fact it's all a game, only while you play you learn. Click here to download Swift Playgrounds (iOS devices only)

  • Lego Mindstorm

    LegoImage Involve students and make learning more effective by solving problems of everyday life. With LEGO MINDSTORMS Education EV3, students can build and program a fully functional robot in just 45 minutes! The included workbook can be used by students to capture their work as they progress through the lessons, while making it easier for teachers to monitor student progress and assess the skills they have acquired. Click here to download Lego software