Hi from the founder

Hi, my name is Derval O'Neill and I originally hail from Dublin, Ireland. I founded CodEng in October 2015 to get teenagers excited about coding, robotics and the latest developments in the tech industry. Having published a couple of apps on the App Store, my son asked me to come into class to talk about coding to his classmates. I had a blast sharing my passion for all things tech with these young minds who had brains like sponges only too ready to soak it all up! The idea to found CodEng was born!

We offer weekly lessons both during school hours and after school and we run a number of code camps in Italy, the U.S. and more recently in Dubai. Understanding not just how to use technology but how to create it is at the core of what we teach. Making it fun along the way is also key. CodEng courses are designed to help aspiring coders get excited about creating their own web page, building a video game, programming a robot and understanding the key tech topics driving the industry today. More recently, we introduced app building on the iPad using Apple's latest release of Swift Playgrounds.

At CodEng we are constantly looking at new ways to give the best possible learning experience to our coders. In May 2021 and 2023, I took part in Stanford University's Code in Place initiative teaching Python online, further honing my own teaching skills in what was a truly rewarding experience. International STEM camps is another effective way of providing young people with a valuable learning experience. They give them a window onto the world so they can gain a better understanding of the industry up close. At the end of 2021, we ran a code camp at the world's fair at Expo Dubai and each summer we visit the big names in the industry with a trip to Silicon Valley. In the summer of 2022 and 2023, we signed up to train as astronauts and learn all about space tech at the US Rocket and Space Center in Huntsville, Alabama. At CodEng, young people can learn to code and have a ton of fun along the way!